Heli-bike = real biking adventure

We just had the best biking adventure we had in a while. We love lift accessed trails but this is another level. The views from the heli were unbelivable with some birds-eye view of glacier, mountains and valleys. It is breathtaking to see from high up spots that we ussually see from far. Once we were dropped at the top of Mount Barbour we waited for our freinds coming in the other heli. Having a forst row view of a heli landing and take off with bikes onboard got us goose bumps.

The riding goes through many different landscapes. Trails in the alpine are fast and kind of flowy although the heat made the trail dry and loose. We went through some creeks and technical sections but mainly this is the easiest part of the adventure. Lower down in the treeline the trail gets a bit flatter to traverse around the mountain to get to a beautiful lake where we cooled off and had a relaxing lunch.After the lunch comes the most challenging strech of the ride with narrow trailĀ  with technical sections and tight dry corners were we practived some good skills.

Our group of 10 people had a great time, lots of laugh and a great unforgetable memory.

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