BC probably is the best biking area in the world for the quality of the trails all around the province. Knowing that we decided to have our weekend few our away from Whistler. We heard about some trails around Chilliwack which seemd good and also we knew that was fruit season in the area. Mising biking and delicious fresh fruits sounded like a good weekend.

Chilliwack has different areas and we chose to ride around Cultus Lake as the trail network has nice climbing trails and a mix of blue and black trails. With not much expectation we spent 2 days which totally blew our minds, The trails are very flowy and do not have the same traffic than the trails of the Sea to Sky so trails were in really good condition. There are also some old school trails with huge gap jumps and some super long high skinnies that challenged our skills. After the first day or riding we were in love with the trails and specially with the loamy steep trails. There are some trails that are worth coming back for and we will be back soon.